Right to Manage

Worried you are paying too much in service charge and fees?


Is your managing agent not responding quickly and effectively to your service charge needs?


Switching management companies is easier than you think and costs you nothing.


Don't have control over who manages your property?


Then you need Right to Manage. We can walk you through this process and have the expertise to help you do this.


What is Right to Manage?


It is a process under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 which gives you, the leaseholders, the power to decide who your managing agent is. 


If you are unhappy with your current managing agent, feel you are being overcharged or not receiving a quality service. You may want to consider using Right to Manage to regain control over your property. If you wish to find out more about this process and how Smiths can help you, then please contact us

Right to Manage Requirements


Your property can apply for the Right to Manage if:


  • It is a self-contained building with or without accompanying property.
  • At a minimum, half of all flat owners agree to the Right to Manage process.
  • At a minimum, two thirds of all flat owners have long leases - originally for a period of over 21 years.
  • At a minimum, three quarters of the block must be residential use only - not including car parks and communal areas.

During the Right to Manage Process


Right to Manage is a legal process which needs to be executed accurately to ensure its success. This is why, under your instruction, Smiths will complete the whole process for you. However, we do pride ourselves on the transparency of all of our services therefore our team are more than happy to talk you through the whole process if you wish. 


Throughout the Right to Manage process it is important to continue to pay your service charges to your current agent as not to do so would be a breach of your lease.

After the Right to Manage Process


Upon successful acquisition of the Right to Manage your property, you can select the agent you wish to manage your property. When your new agent has been appointed, the management company set up to claim the Right to Manage can be made dormant and your new agent will take care of the annual returns.


An AGM should be held every year where expenditure, budgets and management can be discussed. This should be organised by your agent. 

Smiths are more than happy to assist you in the Right to Manage process including all administrative work so you can save money and have a better quality managing agent without any stress.


A small amount would be charged for the work undertaken during the Right to Manage process however in the scenario that Smiths Property Management would be utilised as the new managing agent for the property, then we are more than happy to waiver this fee.


Let us help you claim the right to manage your own property. Contact us now to start the process. Our team are ready to save you money and help you gain better quality management.

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